A Tale of Two Friends

I want to paint you a picture of two people, we’ll call them Janet and Rita (IYKYK).

Janet and Rita have been friends for a long time, throughout early adulthood and now as empty nesters. They love to go shopping together. Janet is the spender while Rita only infrequently buys an item or two, she’s mostly only there for the company.

Earlier in their friendship, Janet just assumed that Rita didn’t have much money. And while it was true that Rita’s family didn’t bring in as much as Janet’s family, that really wasn’t the case. As they started opening up more to each other, Janet discovered that Rita’s family was striving to achieve debt freedom and therefore, she had to be very frugal and smart with her money.

Janet thought that was a very lofty goal, and one that was unrealistic. She stopped pestering Rita about being so cheap when she realized she was impacting their friendship. From that point on, they never really talked much more about money.

Now that both of their families are older, Rita has started talking about some plans to travel more. Curious, and with a little a cautious, Janet asked if that was in their budget. Rita beamed at her friend and replied, “oh yes, this is what we have been working towards!”. Rita went on to explain that because of her family’s diligence, they’ve been living debt free for more than a decade, they were able to set aside money for the kids, and she and her partner are going to be retiring in just over a year with plans to travel 6 months out of every year for the next 20 years if they so chose to.

Janet was floored. How could this friend of hers, whose family made so much less than her own, possibly be able to do this? Janet’s own family was so in debt that she was starting to worry that they would never be able to pay it off, and that it would pass down to the kids.

Whose shoes would you want to be in, and are you taking the necessary steps today to ensure you’re on the path that will lead you to that goal?

If you’re not on the path you want to be, or are unsure as to what path you’re on, let’s chat!