Cabin Fever Habits

How quickly does cabin fever set in for you? Pre-pandemic, I could go several days without leaving the house. However, now I feel like I need to leave at least once a day. For some people, this can be as simple as going out for a coffee or drink. For others, they need to invest in their time away from home, maybe a shopping trip or dinner out.

If we’re not careful, these daily habits can add up, in both our finances and our time. I noticed that my family started spending more money and time last summer than ever before. This was because my husband and daughter were taking daily bike rides to the 7 eleven for fountain drinks and a snack. This fun treat was turning into a daily expectation and our finances weren’t thanking us for it.

If you’ve recognized yourself in this trend, here are some low-cost/free alternatives that will still encourage you to get out.

For Yourself:

  • Start by cutting back your habit by half
  • If coffee is your go-to, watch how-to videos and try expanding your expertise at home, then, take your coffee for a drive
  • Go to a park and have a picnic
  • Go on a bike ride
  • Drive with your windows down
  • Take your pet on a walk

With the Kiddos:

  • Take your kids to the park. Have juice boxes and a small snack on hand that they only get as a treat at the park
  • If your kids have phones with data, start playing Pokémon Go
  • Go GeocachingAre there any go-to ideas for your family? Share them below!