Declutter – Closets

I don’t think people realize how much of a person’s
personality is held in a closet, or drawers for that matter. Some people put
very little thought into what they’re going to wear, while others spend
significantly more time digging through their clothes to find just the right
piece. Honestly, it can kind of be overwhelming. There have been studies to
show that the more options people have, the more time they’ll spend pouring
over the decision.

Personally, I know that my closet is full of items that I am
very “meh” about. They are items that I bought because they were on sale,
others that I needed for a special occasion, and a very select few that I
bought because I really liked them. I HATE spending money on myself, and
especially on clothes. As a result, I don’t like a lot of my wardrobe, but I
wear it because it’s all I have. What I’ve found when I’m wearing these items
though, is that I really don’t feel great about myself. By wearing those
clothes, I’m telling myself that I’m only worthy to wear what is in my closet,
and if I don’t like what’s in my closet, does that mean I’m not worthy of much
of anything? I’m not saying that everyone needs to immediately go buy that
overpriced pair of jeans, the opposite really. But what I am saying is that if
you don’t love it, don’t buy it. The money you save by not buying all those
“meh” clothes will add up and allow you to buy that one, truly loved item.

Recently, I started looking at RVing full-time with my
family. Blog after blog recommended weeding out your clothes because you will
NOT have the space for your current wardrobe. Marie Kondo recommends throwing
out items that do not “Spark Joy”. To practice having a smaller space, I
decided to enact these recommendations. I tried to ease myself into the process
by first pulling out the items that I just did not wear at all. I read about a
nifty trick several years back that suggested turning your hanger around so
that it hooked on the rod from the back. After 6 months, or a year *cough
cough*, any hangers that were still turned around were the items that were
never touched. Let me tell you, I had some hangers. I’ve been practicing this
specific exercise since that time, and during my last round, I had 14 items.

I should say, contrary to Marie’s recommendation, we hang a
lot of our clothes because we do not have a dresser. We felt like it hid too
much, so we chucked the clothes and sold the dresser. After the hanger method,
I then moved on to a modified Marie Kondo method. Knowing that a lot of my
wardrobe wouldn’t spark joy, I realized that I also still needed clothes to
wear. I pulled out all the items that I disliked and really looked at them. I
identified the items that I wear at least once a week with a vow that I would
write them down and once I convinced myself to go shopping, would only look for
items to replace them.

Guys, my closet is naked. But I’ll tell you what, it sure is
easier to pick out my outfit each morning!