Declutter – Influence

I remember reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up in December of 2018 and thinking to myself, YES! This woman was speaking to the deepest part of me, saying the exact things I’ve been trying to communicate, but failing so miserably to get across. I love the idea of having fewer things and smaller homes because that means you have fewer expenses! Marie was telling us that it is OK not to have a closet completely stuffed with items we don’t wear and that it’s ok to get rid of gifts, we’re not obligated to anything. I myself am not a very sentimental person, so for me, it was an obligation to keep things, not a sentimentality.

We had moved from the Tulsa area several months earlier and were renting a house. I remember tearing through that house and decluttering like it was my mission. We had a LOT of stuff go to Goodwill, and fortunately, my husband was fully supportive.

While I realize this method won’t work for everyone, I do think it really challenges us to think about the stuff that we own. Is it serving a purpose? Do we treat the items well and maintain them, or do we use and abuse them because we can easily buy another one? How much money is wasted because we’re too hard on an item or use it in a manner that it wasn’t created for? We don’t have to thank an item every time we use it, but I do think it is worth recognizing each item’s usefulness and maintaining the item so that it can continue being useful.