Declutter – Kid’s Room

Anybody else tired of the LOL dolls? I made a pact with a parent at my daughter’s birthday party: you don’t buy them for her, and we won’t buy them for your kid. Although, they do tend to be tiny, which means they take up less space, right? On the other hand, the pieces get EVERYWHERE. I really like the idea of clutter-free presents and tried to encourage friends and family to support that effort. But people really like buying tangible things. So, while we don’t turn away presents, if asked we typically only make requests for season passes, event tickets, or gift cards.

We made the decision several years ago to only have one kid. Yes, we still have concerns on if she’ll grow up to be super selfish and spoiled, but really, it’s just so easy. My husband and I are the spoiled ones because, so far, she’s been a good kid. But I digress. Toys are a constant struggle with kids and my kid has a really hard time keeping her room clean. She rarely even plays in her room with her toys. The major reason for that is the lack of someone to play with, but she is just as happy doing the things my husband and I are doing. We also play a lot in the living room. She likes to make forts and pretend we’re pirates, have lightsaber battles, shooting nerf guns, and wrestling on the floor.

It no longer comes as a surprise to her whenever it’s time to clean out her room. I do like to give her a warning and she now knows that if she doesn’t play with an item, it will be given away. We have a large extended family and between her birthday and the holidays, she gets enough clothes and toys that we really don’t have to get anything for her ourselves…for the rest of the year.

I like to treat the kid’s room the same as I would with any room of the house. Decluttered and easy to organize. Most kids aren’t concerned with being messy and disorganized, but if we declutter and create easy ways to store their toys, we begin to remove the excuses and begin encouraging them to take care and keep track of what they have.

One recommendation I would make prior to any project concerning the kids’ room is to take an hour or two, more if you can swing it, and sit down and play with them in their rooms (or wherever their toys are kept). Carefully observe which toys they gravitate to. When it comes to decluttering and organizing their room DO NOT allow them to help unless they are a very reasonable child. 9 times out of 10 my daughter will suddenly realize the item we’re giving away is her most prized possession and that she plays with it all the time. Uh-huh, right. Until 5 seconds ago, she didn’t even realize she had it.