Does (Home) Size Matter?

I worked with a client recently who was adamant that her house was too small. She and her four kids were living in a three-bedroom house. Upon entering the home, I could tell that they really didn’t have a lot. They were living well below the average American income, if not in poverty, and yet the house was a mess. From her perspective, it was a mess because her house was too small. In reality, the house was a mess because there were no systems in place. There was no furniture to help facilitate the storage of the stuff they owned and as a result it just ended up on the floor or on the beds.

When it comes to organizing a home, there must be space to put systems in place. That space is either already there and not being utilized (as was the case above), or it needs to be made. As a Declutter Coach, I help my clients identify and maximize this space. In both instances, clutter can be present, it just might take different forms.

Whenever I hear, “my house is too small”, I immediately understand that I will likely be working with a person who is more attached materialistically than someone seeking to get organized. We’ve all been engrained with the idea that we need a bigger house and more stuff to be happy. And there are legitimately people who do need bigger houses due to family size. But it takes a lot of work to break down that impulse and instinct to have more, more, more.

I love what I do, because I honestly believe I am having a positive impact on the world by helping others to shift their mindset about what we need in life to be happy. By helping my clients let go of the clutter in their lives, it allows us to work on the mindset of the ever-continuing consumption of more stuff moving forward. This helps their wallet as well as their time, resulting in more resources to do what they love, and be happier.

Remember, bigger, isn’t always better.