Here Are the Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Where do all my decluttered items go?

Any items that are in clean and working order or else are not expired, will be taken to local non-profits in the surrounding communities. Here at Declutter OKC, we strive to support and meet the needs of these non-profits. Any items that do not meet those needs will be donated to larger organizations with a broader reach.

Why do I need coaching?

In addition to having the right system in place, we have to make sure we establish healthy habits as well. People don’t often recognize that stress in one area of life can have consequences in another. Through our coaching sessions, I’ll observe these stressors and resulting consequences so I can call them out and offer solutions to move forward. This will further cement the likelihood of success in your new organizational system.

I’m embarrassed by my space.

If you weren’t embarrassed by your space, would you be on my site? Acknowledging that there is a problem or that you’re unsatisfied with your space is a great first step. The next is reaching out for help. Declutter OKC offers a judgment-free consultation. We realize that there is an infinite number of life events that can lead to this situation, and we aren’t here to chastise anyone. We’re here to help and to coach each client through the changes that need to be made to maintain an organizational system.

What if my family isn’t supportive?

Organization in life, finances, and your home only works if people are willing to work at it. We’ll operate together to make staying organized as easy as possible. We’ll discuss options for holding family members accountable for following the new system. If you’re still unsure if it will work, we can focus on an area that is only yours and set the expectation and example for the rest of the family.

My house is too small.

I had a client recently who was convinced that she just needed a bigger house. If you’re a household of 8 people living in a 3 bedroom house, I might agree with that statement. However, if your thought is that you need a bigger place so that there is more space for your stuff, I will challenge that notion. When you sign up for the Declutter and Organization Coaching, we’ll work through identifying the core pull towards holding on to items rather than letting them go. We’ll work on identifying any triggers that cause the purchase of new items, and I’ll teach coping skills needed to help create a healthier lifestyle.

Do I need to buy bins?

We do not recommend the purchasing of any organizational system or bins prior to working through our Declutter sessions first. Too often, we find that bins simply turn into more clutter because they are not really needed. By right-sizing the items in your home, and removing the clutter, we frequently remove the need for any brand new purchases.

More Questions?

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