Gain Control of Your Time

Are you setting yourself up for failure? Do you find yourself always running out of time? Let’s take a minute and analyze why that might be. For a lot of people, we misjudge how much time certain tasks will take, and for others we have trouble setting and holding boundaries. Look at your previous week’s schedule and look at each day. If you don’t use a schedule, then try to remember what your week looked like. Consider the days where you were stressed, anxious or frustrated, and see if you can find a common factor for those days. Then look at the days where you felt happy and relaxed and do the same.

For myself, I am more likely to be stressed or frustrated if I have not allowed enough time for a chat or if somebody interrupts me while I’m in a focus session. I’m finding that more and more if I am in the flow of things, and I am interrupted, I am not likely to be pleasant. A pitfall of working around other people, both at home and in the office.

Similarly, if I have had a very busy day where I did not allow for enough time for myself to slow down and breath, by the end of the day I am equally as frustrated and likely to be unpleasant. So how do we combat these things? The easiest way is to simply give yourself more time for each task than you would expect. But we don’t always have the luxury of such things, so instead we must find a compromise. What is one thing we can give up for the sake of a more peaceful day?

Alternatively, if you find that you’ve been wasting your day, giving yourself too much time, consider why that might be. Do you have a fear of being late and what people will think of you? Consider dropping your time, giving yourself more of a challenge to meet those needs and free up that time for the to-do’s that you never seem to get to.

Connect with me today if you need help finding more time in your schedule, or structuring it a bit better.