It’s about the Journey, not the Destination

The other day I had an epiphany. I was driving down the interstate and needed to stop to find a coffee shop for a call with a client. I wanted to try to find a local place to support the economy of that town. Unfortunately, Google misled me and sent me instead to a coffee bean distributor. But in the end, I wasn’t even angry, because it led me to these thoughts.

I got back on the road and started driving towards another coffee shop, this one, that I recognized. But I stayed on the backroads rather than getting on the Interstate because it was close. As I was driving down the road though I noticed how beautiful the scenery was. There was sunlight passing through the mature trees on the side of the road, there were cute farm houses with chickens in the yard, the road wove around the natural formations of the land, and there was a flower shop that I told myself I would stop in at after my call, but in the end forgot. All of these things helped me realize that I wouldn’t have seen them if I hadn’t taken that exit. And as I’ve been working on building my business I recognize that I very seldom stop to really observe and be grateful for what I have already.

This is a trap that we all fall into. We’re living our lives like we’re on the interstate. We have a destination in mind, and we don’t really care how we get there, as long as it’s the fastest way possible. We never get to experience the things that make life interesting and beautiful because we aren’t willing to take that exit to slow down and enjoy the journey.

What is your destination, and why are you going there? Odds are, its so that one day you can slow down. But what happens if you never get there? You spent all your time on that boring interstate and missed so many opportunities to enjoy life and meet wonderful people. So let’s challenge ourselves to slow down. Be intentional. Put it on your calendar and spend your day doing the beautiful things that make life worth living.