Kids and Chores

Raise your hand if your kids regularly and without complaint help out with chores… Nobody? As our daughter gets older, we’ve started incorporating chores. We’re in the bribery stage right now. She has a chore chart on the fridge and she can earn an allowance for each chore completed. There’s a catch. To earn that allowance, she either has to do the chore voluntarily without being asked, or after being asked the first time.

Dun dun duuuuunnnnn

What happens if she doesn’t do that? Well, let me tell you. She doesn’t earn her allowance. She’s really good about coming up with alternative things she can do, like ‘oh, I need to clean my room’, or ‘I want to go play outside.’ Sometimes she’ll make it seem like she’s deprived of our attention, “I just want to spend time with you” to throw you off her scent. But NO. I’ve really been working to put my foot down. I am tired of feeling like I’m the ONLY one around here who does anything (not true but that’s my perception).

Uh-huh, ok, but then what? What if she still doesn’t do her chores. Oh-ho-ho, that’s where it gets real fun. We’ve already cut our streaming services because she was ALWAYS asking to watch TV. In these instances, we start either adding things to her to-do list before she can have “fun”, or we start taking things away. The “I’ll clean your room with a trash bag” usually works. Or making her go to bed early.

What are some of your tips and tricks? When she’s older, we’ll start changing the Wifi password daily.