Live, Learn, Grow.

The ability to identify and address clutter is a life long skill. That’s one of the reasons why I’m not a do-it-for-you organizer. I want to coach, train, and enable my clients.

But my clients don’t acquire this skill over night, just like I didn’t acquire my skills over night. And in fact, I’m still growing and learning! This morning, I finally tackled an item that has been creating clutter in my life.
I came across my IVF box. It’s been nearly two years and I remember STRUGGLING to throw these meds away because I KNEW how expensive they were and I KNEW that it would be such a huge blessing for someone on their own journey to receive them. But the unfortunate part was that the box had been opened, so while I was able to donate the rest of the meds to the OU Fertility clinic, these could not. I just couldn’t bring myself to throw them away.
Well, this morning I finally did it. They weren’t bringing value to me. They were well past expired, so they couldn’t bring value to anybody. But it still broke my heart for all the other people struggling physically and financially through their IVF and/or adoption journeys.
Guys, we learn, we grow, and then we learn again. It’s ok. Give yourself grace along whichever journey you’re taking. ❤️