Open Shelving

There are many ways that people stay organized. For some, it is having everything behind a closed door (whether or not it’s tidy). For others, it is having everything out, in line of sight. Both organization styles can highly irritate a person who works best with the opposite style. My husband is the latter, I am the former.

Open shelving puts everything on display. On one hand, it helps make it easier to find things, but on the other, you’re limited on space. So, you’re forced to whittle down to only the necessities.

When working together, we often lean more towards the open shelving concept. This necessitates clearing the clutter. As a result, we have a much smaller household than the average American.

Sometimes it’s healthy for things to be on display, not only “stuff” wise, but oftentimes both emotionally and mentally as well. The bad feelings and nasty thoughts that we have about ourselves, or other people, often fester, grow moldy, and can get out of hand. We need others to help hold us accountable and lift us up. It’s the same with keeping a clean home. We often deep clean only when we know others are coming over.

We, and our homes, need this deep clean. Sometimes we must step out of our comfort zone and force ourselves into accountability.