Organizing Finances before Organizing Home – Part 1

We’ve all been there, we’ve been worn down to the bone, but still have so much to do. Sometimes we’re able to muster our strength and overcome the obstacles, but more often than not, we emotionally lash out at those around us. I’m currently working with a client who is experiencing this on a daily basis. Chronic medical issues are compounding and making it difficult to care for themselves and their four children, their spouse works outside the home and can be gone for as many as 10 days at a time, and money is in short supply.

I have so much empathy for this situation. I grieve for the pain this parent is going through physically, emotionally, and mentally, I agonize over the financial situation that comes with any chronic medical condition, and I yearn to comfort the children who are feeling emotionally neglected as a result of one parent’s ongoing absence and the other’s inability to cope with everything going on.

It can be hard to ask for help. And a lot of times, it can be difficult to identify the areas where help can have the most impact. Any time I’m working with families under financial duress, I stress the importance of addressing the financial strain first. It can be overwhelming to try to identify where to start, but as a financial coach, I can evaluate the income and expenses to provide guidance on assistance programs and budgeting changes that are required to get back on the right track. With these budget changes, room can be made in the budget to pay for the continued coaching service to ensure you stay on the right track. Another resource I can provide is helping you navigate through the free programs offered by organizations like the Salvation Army and other local non-profits that help with emergency financial assistance.

While becoming organized is initially the goal for many of my clients, I coach that financial stability is required first and foremost. The threat of losing their home or having utilities shut off negates any expenses that might be spent for my role as a professional to organize, let alone any additional products wanted.

Check back in next week for Part 2