Pantry Purge

Hey, have you guys checked out those pantries on IG lately? 100% on fire. Also, nearly unrealistic. Why? Because unlike some of those, our pantries are actually in use on a daily basis.

So how do we keep it tidy? It’s so easy guys, shop from your pantry FIRST! There’s a reason why we bought that item in the first place. Either we needed it for a recipe, or it sounded good. In either case, go ahead and plan on whipping up that recipe again!

What’s that? It wasn’t as good as you thought it would be…then why do you still have it? If you don’t like an item and will never eat it. Get. Rid. Of. It.

It is serving no purpose other than to be an obstacle in your pantry. Donate it, get creative and repurpose the item, or throw it away.