Step by Step

Sometimes, just getting started is the hardest part. Or, when you do get started, you realize there are 20 items that have to come before. One seemingly small task suddenly turns into an overwhelming, days long project.

For example, the other day I had the though to get my nails done. I rarely spend money on myself this way, and for that reason, it was super easy to talk myself out of it. As a compromise however, I went to the store and bought a new nail polish. Totally not the same thing, but give me my peace. As I got home to paint my nails on the back patio, I saw that I still had laundry hanging on the line to dry. I pulled off the laundry and then went to the bathroom to gather supplies and saw that the shower still needed to be cleaned. Well, I couldn’t scrub the shower with freshly painted nails, so the next logical solution was to clean the shower first. Ugh, spiraling, right?

This is a seemingly mediocre task that kicked off a slew of other task. Now imagine starting your day with the idea that you’re going clean the entire house. How many task does that actually break down to, and is that a reasonable amount of time to accomplish those tasks?

What we all need to realize is that it is ok to take things one step at a time. Give yourself the grace, and the space, in order to guarantee your success. Trying to do too much, all at once, increases your stress and reinforces a sense of failure.

So go ahead, start small, build the momentum, plateau for a time before going again and you’ll get there. I believe in you!