Time Management and Boundaries

Have you ever found yourself running out of time? You’ve been working hard in so many areas, but don’t feel like you’ve had any time for yourself.

We’ve all been there. And a lot of times if we don’t set healthy boundaries, we allow our time to be taken away from us.

Some people are naturally drawn towards giving of themselves and their time to other people. It takes a lot of training and self-discipline to break those habits. But setting healthy boundaries is needed in order to maintain yourself, your sense of purpose, your energy, and your ability to continue to give in the future.

So what do these boundaries look like? If you work for somebody else, you may have found that from time to time your boss asks you to work extra. Sometimes they ask, but sometimes it’s just an expectation. And based on the culture of your workplace, your peers can negatively or positively influence the decisions to disregard your boundaries, often at the expense of your family.

Sometimes these negative influences can come from your family. If you have a large extended family that likes to have a lot of get togethers throughout the month, you may find that you haven’t been able to spend the quality time with your own family.

In both of these situations, we often start to resent the party that is negatively influencing us and our boundaries. It’s important that we communicate our boundaries and that we don’t let people negatively influence us to disregard those boundaries. Remember we don’t owe anybody an explanation. A simple no to a request is sufficient.

To start, sit down and take time to think about what these boundaries need to look like. Block out time in your schedule to meet the needs of yourself and your immediate family. Protect that time. It shows the respect and love that is due.

If there are people in your life, who you feel will not understand or respect your new boundaries, it may be time for a little break. Setting new boundaries can be hard and intimidating. Find an accountability partner, someone who can support you.

As always, I’m here for that too!