Time Management and Communication

Doesn’t it seem inevitable that mom is always rushing around the house trying to get everybody ready and out the door while dad is seemingly somewhere else doing things that aren’t helpful? Mom ends up getting the short end of the stick. She’s hungry and irritable because she hasn’t eaten, and that makes for an unpleasant day for everybody.

One thing I’ve been trying to practice myself, is asking for help. I often have the assumption that my actions should speak volumes and would show that I need help. That through my actions, my husband should be able to observe that I haven’t had time to eat for myself, that I still have a long list of things that I feel need to be done before we leave the house, and that he should gladly step up and ask how he can help.

The problem though, is that my needs and my list is different than his. What I find as important, he does not. And so, if I need something done, or if I need help, rather than waiting for him to step up, I have to ask. I have to communicate my need and what I think is most important in order for him to help out.

This is not a complaint about men not doing their part. 9 times out of 10, they will do their part if they know what needs to be done. We’ve all been there, trying to help out.Volunteering at the church, schools, or other organization, but we don’t know what to do and so we stand back and wait to be told. Some are bold enough to just start pitching in, but I’ve seen people be scolded for not waiting to be told what to do, so our actions are shaped from that experience.

Based on that, are the men, children, partners, family members in our lives not doing their part because of a negative experience in the past or because of the need to be told what to do? Showing your need allows other people to show up.

If you’re a single parent, all of my admiration goes out to you because you likely do not have anybody to lean on. I encourage you to see support from those friends and family outside of your home unit.

Again for all, showing your need allows other people to show up. Ask for help.