What is Financial Health?

What does financial health mean to you? Does it simply mean being able to pay the bills, feed and clothe the family, and still have a little bit to put away on the side? Or does your financial health include a retirement fund, family vacations, both domestic and international?

Whatever your definition of financial health is, it is something that everybody strives for. However, lot of us come out of school without any educational knowledge about personal finance. So where do you get these resources? Do you reach out to family members who seem to be well off, do you look for people in the community, do you trust that you’ll just learn it along the way, or maybe you simply rely on financial professionals for guidance.

I used to be one of those people who relied on simply learning along the way. I could tell you how a business should manage it’s finances, but I couldn’t tell you how a household should be managing its own. And when it came to investments, no way. I had no desire to understand how investments worked I just wanted to make sure that I was investing with someone and trust them to know what was best for me.

But in recent years, I’ve found that there’s so much power in knowing. There’s a lot of pride in knowing. Finding a financial professional who can help teach you about the basics and help you understand your investments is key.

So where have your struggles been with your financial health? Is it with the basics? Balancing a checkbook creating a budget, knowing what your expenses are? Or are you at the point where you know you need to be investing, you know you need to be saving your money better, you just don’t know how to do that?

I started Declutter OKC with the goal of helping people tackle the clutter in their finances just as much as in their homes and I’m happy to announce that I now offer the financial coaching for FREE!

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