What is Time Management?

Time management is the practice of using the time that you have available in a useful and effective way.

When you don’t set priorities for the things that have to be done you end up spending most of your time on non-essential things. You become frivolous with your time, and that can leave you stressed out.

The golden rule of time management remains this: know your priorities. Put the most important things first.

Doing things in order of importance lets you avoid wasting time on non-essential tasks.

In addition to priority, you should also have a good understanding of your own efficiencies. Sure, you may be able to clean the house, top to bottom, but is that a good use of your time? Could somebody else do just as good of a job in half the time? And how long will the house stay in that beautifully clean state? Alternatively, you could spend that time ordering groceries for the week, organizing a carpool, and delegating tasks, freeing up 5 hours of your time in the future.

There was a man by the name of Vilfredo Pareto. He came up with a theory that 80% of your results and outcomes will depend on the critical 20% of things you prioritize and count as the most important. It’s also called the cause and effect rule, or the 80/20 rule.

For me, I hate shopping for groceries. The aisles are never stocked, they’re always blocked with other shoppers and pallets of goods waiting to be stocked, and I always end up breaking my budget. It is not worth my time or energy to put up with that. Grocery shopping, for me, is a 20/80 example. 80% of my free time, results in 20% value.

Now, I use pick up apps. 20% of my free time is used to order groceries online. The money saved and frustrations avoided result in 80% of the value.

What is it that you feel like you do well and gets you the most results? Maybe you can exchange that service with a friend. Let’s say she’s really good at laundry, while you’re really good at meal prep. You’re both working in your efficiency zones, and saving each other from the hassle of chores that you do not enjoy.

Get creative, and think outside the box. Any changes that can help you manage your time more efficiently will help with any stress and anxiety you may be experiencing.