When You’re Always Losing Items

How quickly do you get frustrated whenever you can’t find something you know you have? What is the baseline level of frustration that you instantly go to, and how quickly does it escalate from there?

On a scale of 1 (perfectly calm) to 10 (raging maniac)

For me, I start off at a 1 and my frustration grows gradually after the first couple of places I look. For my husband, he starts off at about a 3 when he can’t find it the first place he looks and it escalates pretty rapidly, though I would say he’s never reached a 10. The frequency of this inability to find the things you need often impact the starting point and speed of escalation.

I find that the more frustrated we get, the less likely we are to find the object because we are no longer focused on finding it, but more focused on how angry we are. There have been many times when I or my husband point out the object that was right in front of us. The “if it were a snake it would have bit me” moment.

I always feel so stupid and foolish. Can you relate?

Alternatively, there are times when we have zero escalation. In those instances, we often give up quickly and resolve to just buy another one. One spring, I knew I had bought garden gloves. However, when it came time to start prepping our soil and pulling weeds, my gloves were nowhere to be found. After having looked for them for 30 minutes or so, I hopped on Amazon and ordered a new pair. They weren’t expensive, maybe $10, but those purchases add up. I then proceeded to find my gloves before the new ones even arrived.

A lot of my clients claim that they don’t have time to keep their house cleaned or organized. After digging into this mindset a bit, I discover that they also spend a lot of time looking for stuff. Keeping a clean home doesn’t take any more time than you would spend searching high and low for that other shoe, BUT it does save you from frustration.

Challenge yourself today to track the number of times you spent searching for an object. Tomorrow, challenge yourself to pick up along the way and see if you’re able to positively impact those results.